Wood Hall Stud - Foaling
"The horses we receive at Pegasus Stables from Wood Hall are always well cared for, broken, fit and ready to make their racecourse debut. No one understands horses better than the experienced team at Wood Hall"

James Fanshawe
Wood Hall Stud’s foaling unit has spacious rubber floored boxes which are equipped with heat lamps and CCTV, backed up by twenty four hour foaling surveillance, with before and after care monitoring. Our residential experienced foaling team is supported by 4th and 5th year Veterinary College students. The Stud is within 10minutes of The Royal Vetinary College.

We provide and manage a ‘walk in’ covering services using our own transport.

Weaning at Wood Hall Stud is relaxed, slow and gradual.

Stallions used by Wood Hall Stud in 2007 | click here to view